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What we do

We build IT products and tools, which enable our clients to know more, achieve more, and profit more.
Working independently, or as a part of a bigger team, we’re offering a complex and detailed service —
from the first phone talk to the final implementaion and after sales care.

Custom solutions

Design with customised advantages. Navigate between businesses, branches and habits of the competition — and win. In IT world, future is coming faster.

Mobile applications

Profits are mobile too, as they will increase. Mobility isn't a goal anymore, it's more of a mean to reach it. And the goal? You set them.

IT platforms

We will design and build, what you need. For years, we have participated in our client's virtual successes — in business, web service and entertainment industry.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an interactive experience taking place within a simulated environment. With the use of a mobile phone we are able to bring the user to the next level. Whether it's training, marketing or entertainment, our VR applications always include the cutting-edge technologies.

Hosting and implementation

SaaS (software as a service) set the new standard of safety and business dynamics. Thanks to cloud computing, development, execution and profit gaining processes happen nearly in the same time.

Technology and competence

Technology and competence

  • Servers
    • Amazon Web Services
    • FreeBSD
    • Linux
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL
    • MariaDB
    • Cassandra
    • MongoDB
    • Oracle
  • Programming
    • Java
    • Scala
    • Python
    • JavaScript
  • Key
    • Web platforms
    • Intranet services
    • Mobile applications
    • Consulting
  • Frontend
    • Responsive Web Design
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    • CSS3
  • Graphics
    • 3D
    • Web platforms
    • Advertising Materials
    • Mobile applications
  • UI/UX
    • UI/UX prototypes
    • Responsive Web Design
  • Deployments
    • Apache Tomcat
    • JBoss
    • nginx
    • Varnish
    • uWSGI
    • gunicorn
  • Frameworks
    • Spring Framework
    • Django
    • Hibernate
    • Node.js
    • WordPress
    • Tornado
  • Big Data
    • Cassandra
    • MariaDB
    • ElasticSearch
    • Hadoop

We participate in realisation of even the most complex and ambitious projects. Our knowledge and technology change these ambitions into measurable – and impressive – results.

They are mobile applications, web portals, corporate intranet tools or any other web initiative imaginable. Some of them may not have a name yet — still, they have a great future.

Who we are

Who we are

Mija Software is an excellent partner in medium, large and extra large IT projects. Our offer involves combining a wide variety of skills, experience and unlimited passion for different fields of design and programming.

Combined years
of experience

We create (or co-create) a diverse range of web solutions, varying in size, technology or business target. We are customer-driven; their goals become ours too.

This approach accompanied us in numerous Polish and Swiss IT companies, where our experts worked. As a team, Mija has operated since 2011.

Meet our team

Our competencies blend perfectly, giving us synergy and effectiveness.
Meet the people behind Mija’s success.

Below, you can meet some of the people behind Mija’s success:

  • Żaneta Bela

    Żaneta is the brain of MIJA Software, she carefully plans every next step in our business activity and watches the results. She has many years of experience as chief accountant in international companies.
  • Jarosław Bela

    Excellent manager and Java, Scala specialist. He has wide experience from many projects, such as prepaid cards, online banking, mortgage management and other complex IT systems. If computers had not been invented, Jarosław would became a professional basketball player.
  • Michał Jaszczyk

    Michal entered the proffesional IT market in his early school years. Despite young age he mastered his skills in a numerous teams, including top polish and international IT businesses. His key technical competencies are BigData technologies, Python and Java.
  • Przemysław Potocki

    Frontend Developer
    Many people say about him the guru of frontend technologies. He can do almost everything in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Beyond this he seems to be doing a good job also in Python or Java. In his spare time you can see him flying with his paraglider.
  • Marek Rewers

    Frontend Developer
    He is able to write code really fast but preserving the best quality and reliability. Together with Przemek they lead Mija's frontend team.
  • Bartosz Dziendzik

    Software Developer
    He is responsible for development of critical components in our key projects. Thanks to his rigorous approach, he solves possible issues before somebody else notices them.
  • Wojciech Molicki

    Software Developer

    He is constantly developing himself thus he is up to date with the latest technologies. Despite his short professional experience, he is able to reach the level of other developers. His high communication skills are very appreciated by our customers.

  • Piotr Kowalski

    QA Engineer
    He is the key person in our team who assure the best quality of our products.

    He designed and created, the fully automated test platform which we are proud of.
  • Work with


We collaborate with branding and advertising agencies, or experts in any other field necessary.
By blending our capabilities, we are prepared for even the most challenging and multidisciplinary tasks.

Work with us!

We are proffesional passionates, and we are hiring such. Begin your career with an email on contact@mijasoftware.com. Let’s talk! You can find current job options below:

Project manager

Every project needs a leader. In view of increasing number of projects, we are looking for project managers.

Check the details

Backend Software Developer

The person programming in Python or similar languages. For whom our interview questions will be a walk in the park.

Check the details

Frontend Developer

We are looking for HTML, CSS, JavaScript enthusiasts.

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Junior Python Developer

Less experienced developers are also welcome in our team.

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Meet our customers


We collaborate with companies, IT specialists and clients from all over the world. We worked on solutions for polish, swiss, swedish and global (international) markets.

Regardless of service sector, Mija’s solutions are always crafted and matched to client’s needs with highest quality care. Our multidisciplinary experience helps to merge theory and practice into one quality recipe.

Halo Doktorze SA

HaloDoktorze SA is an owner of innovative internet platforms which are aimed on making health services more accessible for the people. Since year 2013 we are cooperating successfully, it results in both sides satisfaction. We were proud of implementing two very popular platforms for HaloDoktorze SA.

Dellner Couplers AB

World leader of rail industry which produces components for any kind of rail vehicles. MIJA Software delivers complex solutions for internal usage as well as external partners or customers. Since year 2013 we could support Dellner in many fields, such as internet platforms, mobile applications, 3D visualisations and marketing.

BlueMedia Blue Media SA

Blue Media is well known, polish leader of banking and insurance systems. They deliver many different solutions, such as fast online transactions, phones top-up, online loans, mass SMS sending. MIJA Software has got a chance to cooperate with Blue Media and develop internal tools or systems.


IMGW PIB translates into The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute. We were working on multiple interesting projects, in particular the tools for data visualisation. This kind of projects constantly force us to learn new technologies in order to fulfil the customer expectations.

Dellner - Corporate Website

New website for the swedish railway supplier Dellner Couplers AG was one of the most interesting Mija’s projects. It was a real challenge, which required all our competencies — and we did our best.
Deller is the natural leader of its business.

Full integration with existing systems and Share Point implementation was a necessity. Thanks to Mija’s effort this leadership can stay as stable and well-founded as always.


Working with Mija Software is an model of synergy and effectiveness. We collaborated on numerous projects. All of them ended with a success.

Izabela DrożdżDellner Marketing Coordinator

Halo Doktorze SA — web platform

Halo Doktorze is a creator and manager of several IT businesses. It is an advanced e-commerce platform that links patients and doctors. That is, it enables to find the right specialist, make an appointment and thus avoid the flaws of traditional, offline systems.

Now it’s serving over 1 mln users every month, automating many time-consuming processes, and making being healthier much more easier.


IMGW PIB — weather forecast

MIJA Software was hired to develop a new wather visualisation tool, compatible with Google Maps and RWD (Responsive Web Design) standard.

New system uses HIROMB, Wavewatch III and AWAC and MAWS data to create a complex and live weather change visualisation. It’s scientific in a first place, but in a way that can communicate even the most complex and expert data in a friendly and convincing manner.


Beaffi - reinvented affiliate program

Beaffi is an revolutionary approach for affiliate programs, it is completely different than traditional platforms. It is all based on real (not virtual) contacts.

How does it work? Invite your satisfied clients and start building your partners network. Receive leads and contact potential new customers. You can easily pay commission to your partners through Beaffi platform.

Beaffi is completely free, so just create an account and check how easy it is!


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